Chromebook Information

All students at Mount Miguel High School are issued a Chromebook.
More information and resources, including insurance information, can be found on the Future Forward site.

Protect Your Chromebook

  • Always keep your Chromebook in its case. 
    • If you need a new case, go to the library
  • Carry your Chromebook by closing it and holding it with two hands.
    • Don’t hold it by the screen! Thumbs have been known to crack screens.
  • Check before closing your Chromebook. 
    • Closing on earbuds, pens, phones, etc. can crack your screen or break the hinges. 
  • Beware of your Chromebook being stepped on. 
    • This includes when your Chromebook is in a backpack.
  • Keep liquids away from your Chromebook. 
    • Spills cause some of the most expensive damage.

Fines associated with Chromebook loss/damage:

  • Entire Chromebook: $300
  • Motherboard: $176
  • Lost/damaged charger: $35
  • Cracked/damaged screen: $66
  • Broken hinges: $15 per hinge
  • Trackpad: $5
  • Keyboard: $20
  • Chromebook body: $25

What do I do if . . .

My Chromebook isn’t charged?

The library doesn’t lend out chargers. Replacement chargers may be issued for a fee.

My Chromebook is broken?

  • Go to the library and have your Chromebook checked. 
  • If your Chromebook must be kept for repairs, you will be issued a long-term Chromebook loaner until your original one is fixed. Any fees will be added when repairs are done. 
  • Do not avoid or delay asking for help!
  • Trying to fix it on your own can cause more damage.
  • Damage often gets worse (and more expensive) if you don’t fix it. 

My Chromebook is lost? 

  • Report it immediately. Tell the library staff and we will help you. Our #1 concern is that you are able to do your work.
  • The Chromebooks require a GUHSD login and can be deactivated.  There is a good chance of recovery.

How do I print?

Cloud Printing

Chromebooks can print via Google Cloud Print. You need a printer that has cloud print capabilities or a computer that is connected to a printer, connected to the internet, and has the Chrome web browser. More information is available here: https://www.google.com/cloudprint/learn/

Printing in the Library

  • You can always print in the library. Look for directions on how to cloud print from your Chromebook. Don’t hesitate to ask for help.
  • Plan wisely to print before class and allow time for technical issues and waiting, especially near or on due dates. You will not be provided a late pass.
  • Save paper and ink! Use PRINT PREVIEW, set page ranges, and try printfriendly.com.
  • Worksheets and documents from your teacher’s websites, and school forms are free. You may print anything school related for FREE. You may not print non-school items.


When in doubt, reboot!

  • Hold the power button until your computer turns off and then turn your computer back on.
  • Log out, “remove your user,” and log in again re-typing your full email address.
  • Remove user by using the drop-down in the top right corner of your login screen avatar.
  • Make sure Chrome is updated.
    • Got to SETTINGS > ABOUT CHROME OS> Check for and apply updates. Follow directions if update is needed.

Can’t connect to Wi-Fi?

  • Check and correct your date and time settings to be accurate.